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Spatial design

Welcome in the team

Our team consists of 30 designers (architects, urbanists and landscape-architects) who work on a broad range of projects in the field of spatial design. Our department is embedded in a multidisciplinary design and engineering firm. We creatively combine all our in-house competences in order to shape cities and a sustainable living environment for the future. Every project is developed through close collaboration between designers, engineers and experts. Through an iterative process of sketching, calculating, investigating… projects are developed in order to tackle major global challenges related to climate change, social polarisation, resource scarcity… 

Vision and Mission

Throughout our portfolio a sense of shared values and a common ground can be discovered. Seven pillars express the goals of what we strive for and what continues to motivate us, as individuals, as stakeholders, and as an organization. They express the responsibility we have, and take, in shaping a better world for all:

• A humanitarian attitude: be responsible for the construction of a just and equal world; 

• Stewardship over the world and its resources: take care of the world addressing climate change and resource scarcity;

• Driving cultural renewal: strengthen the cultural imagination of the cities;

• Design as a key: use design as a tool to challenge reality and foresee future scenario’s;

• Collaborative: promote social innovation and democratic decision-making processes;

• Glocal mindset: think globally and act locally;

• Man / nature: imagine a fruitful synergy between human beings and nature.

This set of shared believes creates a frame in which we react to the given context in all our projects . We operate at the interface of urbanism, architecture and landscape architecture. This borderline has become more relevant as a consequence of major spatial, social, economical, climatological… changes we are currently witnessing: the city can no longer be clearly delineated from the surrounding landscape; hot topics like climate change, energy, water… can only be resolved when the larger territory is being explored; the production of large scale wastelands or drosscapes demands an integrated approach…

We strongly believe in an integrated design approach to address these challenges. If you would like to join us on our mission, please apply for one of our vacancies!