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Ready to fuel our innovation engine
for a more sustainable world?

Join us to engineer solutions with advanced technology never imagined before. From digital water and smart energy to new frontiers in nuclear power, join us on our innovation journey.

At Tractebel, we firmly believe in the virtuous circle of operational assistance and the upstream research and development that feeds it. That’s why we make fuelling our innovation engine with top talent a top priority. You’ll work on teams that encourage the unreasonable, bypass barriers and challenge convention to make an enduring, positive difference in the world.


This is your opportunity to go beyond one-dimensional solutions with technology that can transform the resiliency and sustainability of countries and communities. In our labs and sites, you’ll discover how to assess, de-risk and prototype solutions alongside world-class experts. You’ll not only capitalise on the innovation legacy that sets Tractebel apart, you’ll also find plenty of room to grow.

Impact a diverse sector

We're seeking imaginative experts with all sorts of skills, experiences and backgrounds to engineer their positive impact in this diverse sector with various projects.

Expertise in demand

    • BIM technology

      Join Tractebel to pioneer solutions with Building Information Modelling (BIM) that lead to smarter, more sustainable engineering. It’s your chance to apply your digital skills to deliver game-changing results with BIM in projects across all our sectors.

      We’re seeking imaginative experts to help us accelerate BIM’s use and development in our global business. Experts willing to enthusiastically respond to the growing international demand for BIM services and work collaboratively in our multidisciplinary teams.

    • Digital Water Solutions

      Join a multidisciplinary team that’s a global leader in sustainable water development and innovative technology services. Our digital water solutions help utilities tackle challenges related to operational resiliency, aging infrastructure, resource optimisation and more.

      From digital twins (BIM) and predictive big data to artificial intelligence, you’ll engineer solutions using the latest technology in an innovation culture unafraid to challenge convention. All whilst working alongside experts with a record of achievement leading digital transformations in the water sector.

    • Small Modular Reactors

      Operating like a start-up within Tractebel, our small modular reactor (SMR) team is making nuclear power safer, cleaner and more affordable. Join us to pioneer this next-generation technology to accelerate the world’s transition to a carbon-neutral future.

      Our legacy with nuclear power is 60 years strong with projects developed in over 20 countries. The solutions you’ll engineer with SMRs will support our over 1 000 nuclear experts who work across the full life cycle of projects.

    • Digital and Data solutions

      Join a multidisciplinary team of engineers, data scientists and IT specialists leading digital transformations in engineering. It’s your chance to develop solutions with the most advanced technology for data processing, analytics and management. All whilst working in a culture of innovation that will interest and excite you.  

      Realise opportunities to design digital products and cloud-based solutions that deliver game-changing advantages for our global business. From enhancing operational agility to reducing our environmental footprint, your positive impact will be felt and seen across Tractebel.  

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    • Innovation lab

      Innovation doesn’t happen by chance, it must be nurtured and backed by the right structures and resources. That’s why Tractebel’s Nuclear Innovation Lab was founded, to create a unique environment that stimulates and accelerates game-changing innovation in nuclear science and engineering. Solutions that can deliver the carbon-neutral future our planet demands. We’re seeking imaginative experts to join us on the journey.

      It’s your chance to engineer your positive impact far beyond nuclear power too. Apply your talent and expertise to develop innovative solutions for diverse industries from nuclear medicine to aerospace. Benefit from a legacy that’s 60 years strong in nuclear power with access to over 1 000 nuclear experts operating across our global business.

    • Aerospatial

      Engineer your positive impact in space in ways never imagined before. From radioisotope-powered electric propulsion and space radiation shielding to advanced materials, we’re enabling major tech-leaps forward with our nuclear expertise. Tech-leaps to power the journey to Mars and beyond.

      It’s an incredibly exciting time to join our multidisciplinary team. You’ll work alongside world-class nuclear experts in an innovation lab with the latest and best in technology. By contributing to projects from ideation to product launch, you can work across the full life-cycle in innovative R&D projects. It's all possible.

    Luca Pizzimbone Testimonial

    Tractebel gives me the opportunity to work in international projects, where engineering and research skills can be joined to provide sustainable solutions for developing countries.

    Luca Pizzimbone
    Power System Engineer, Germany


    It's satisfying when we see the results of our work. Having a positive impact on people’s quality of life gives all the meaning to our work

    Eileen Spencer
    Project engineer Transport Infrastructure, Chile


    I am inspired everyday by working with world-class experts in hydropower and I enjoy working with people from different generations who share the passion of evolving toward sustainable and carbon-neutral future.

    Pratoomkhuan Saritanon
    VP-Water, Thailand


    Every day I learn something new from world-class experts in renewable energy. From electrical and mechanical engineers to process experts.

    Florian Bertin
    Green Fuels Engineer, Belgium

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