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Discover your path forward.

It's your career to develop and define with Tractebel at your side. You choose the sectors, roles and locations that are right for you.

Join Tractebel to engineer a carbon-neutral future for a world in transition. You’ll help solve some of the world’s toughest engineering challenges in a community of passionate experts, united by a common purpose and an over 150-year heritage that’s unique to us.

Every day with Tractebel is your chance to make the world more resilient, livable, energised and ultimately more sustainable. To shape and enhance the lives of millions of people. To apply your talent in multidisciplinary teams with boundless creativity. To learn and grow with world-class experts at your side. To leave an engineering legacy you can be proud of in your community and communities around the world.

Join a community of passionate experts who genuinely care about people and the planet.

We’ve built a unique culture that’s caring and inclusive with an over 150-year legacy of engineering excellence and innovation. We have a lot to offer. You’ll see.  

sustainable and
social impact

Accelerate the transition to a carbon-neutral future for people and the planet we all share.

top expertise

Work alongside experts who  imaginatively challenge  convention in the search 

for solutions.

caring community

Join a community where you’re genuinely valued and appreciated with leaders who champion you to success.

grow as we grow

Benefit from continuous opportunities for learning and professional growth within ENGIE group. 

Stefania Carvajal

“What I love about working at Tractebel is the opportunity to use my technical skills to engineer a better world for future generations. I'm inspired to create a sustainable future for us all through the proper management of water resources.”

Stefania Carvajal
Water Resources Engineer - Tractebel

Luca Pizzimbone Testimonial

Tractebel gives me the opportunity to work in international projects, where engineering and research skills can be joined to provide sustainable solutions for developing countries.

Luca Pizzimbone
Power System Engineer, Germany


It's satisfying when we see the results of our work. Having a positive impact on people’s quality of life gives all the meaning to our work

Eileen Spencer
Project engineer Transport Infrastructure, Chile


I am inspired everyday by working with world-class experts in hydropower and I enjoy working with people from different generations who share the passion of evolving toward sustainable and carbon-neutral future.

Pratoomkhuan Saritanon
VP-Water, Thailand

We offer a world of opportunity
to make your positive impact.