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Ready to shape
the buildings of the future?

Join us to engineer the buildings of tomorrow, today. Buildings that deliver triple bottom line returns for people, planet and profit that win awards and transform communities.

Engineer your positive impact on far more than offices and commercial centres. With Tractebel, you’ll engineer next-generation stadiums, airports, hospitals and other critical structures that enable people and nature to thrive sustainably.


If you question the ordinary in building engineering, then Tractebel is for you. By joining our community you’ll discover a unique innovation culture that is redefining building design around the world.

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Gaetano, HVAC & energy efficiency engineer, tells us about his positive impact​

Let’s meet Gaetano, one of our imaginative experts who makes the world more resilient, livable, energized and ultimately more sustainable.

Impact a diverse sector

We're seeking imaginative experts with all sorts of skills, experiences and backgrounds to engineer their positive impact in this diverse sector with various projects.

Expertise in demand

  • Architecture
  • Civil & structural engineering
  • Cyber Security
  • Design support & integration (BIM, CAD, ...)
  • Electricity
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Environmental & Social
  • Fire and Explosion protection
  • Geology & Hydrogeology
  • Geotechnics
  • Instrumentation and control
  • Mechanical/HVAC
  • Safety, Security & Physical protection
  • Software development
  • Sustainable building design
  • Tertiary Buildings

    From offices and hotels to public buildings and residential properties, Tractebel offers opportunities to engineer solutions with positive impact. To design, construct, operate and maintain properties where people and nature can thrive with sustainability at the core.

    Join a multidisciplinary team of imaginative experts who dare to challenge convention. World-class experts who have a proven record developing game-changing solutions for innovative low-carbon buildings. Inspiring experts who support the next generation of engineers to rise and realise their potential.

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  • Sport & Leisure Center

    Sport and leisure centres are far more than venues for us. We engineer them to become iconic spaces where both people and nature can thrive. Spaces that become catalysts for communities to recreate and enjoy sport for generations. We’re seeking imaginative experts to join us on this visionary journey.  

    Engineer your positive impact in multidisciplinary teams with a legacy of award-winning achievement in design, innovation, sustainability, energy efficiency and smart connectivity. With our expertise in demand worldwide, your positive impact can reach global scale.  

  • Industrial Buildings

    Industry titans trust Tractebel to engineer buildings for tomorrow today. From distribution centres and factories to rail stations and airports. We build structures that maximise efficiency, minimise operating costs and reduce environmental impact with sustainability at the core. We’re seeking talent with the expertise and imagination to contribute to this bold legacy.

    By joining Tractebel, you’ll get to solve complex challenges in industrial design and engineering, every day. From integrating renewables and reducing carbon emissions to building intelligent infrastructure and next-generation HVAC systems.

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  • Complex Buildings

    Hospitals, laboratories, shopping centres and data centres. They’re all complex buildings that require imaginative and especially resilient engineering solutions. That’s what you’ll do every day in our multidisciplinary teams. It’s your chance to apply your electro-mechanical, geo- and structural-engineering expertise to make a positive impact. To use your design and management skills to contribute to the carbon-neutral future of communities worldwide.

    With Tractebel, complex buildings achieve certifications that deliver triple bottom line returns for people, planet and profit. Join us to be part of this proud legacy. You’ll become part of a community of imaginative experts who never stop challenging convention in the search for solutions.

Luca Pizzimbone Testimonial

Tractebel gives me the opportunity to work in international projects, where engineering and research skills can be joined to provide sustainable solutions for developing countries.

Luca Pizzimbone
Power System Engineer, Germany


It's satisfying when we see the results of our work. Having a positive impact on people’s quality of life gives all the meaning to our work

Eileen Spencer
Project engineer Transport Infrastructure, Chile


I am inspired everyday by working with world-class experts in hydropower and I enjoy working with people from different generations who share the passion of evolving toward sustainable and carbon-neutral future.

Pratoomkhuan Saritanon
VP-Water, Thailand


Every day I learn something new from world-class experts in renewable energy. From electrical and mechanical engineers to process experts.

Florian Bertin
Green Fuels Engineer, Belgium

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