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Ready to make the world
move more sustainably?

Join us to carry communities into the future—with intelligence, innovation, safety and sustainability at the core.

Engineer your positive impact on road, rail, sea and air transport with Tractebel. You’ll connect people and places in ways never imagined before. All whilst working at the vanguard of sustainable transport and mobility, united by a shared purpose to engineer a carbon-neutral future for the planet.


We attract top talent in transport and mobility because we dare to challenge the status quo, but with the necessary pragmatism to deliver results. Careers move onwards and upwards at Tractebel with continuous opportunities for learning and professional growth.

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Salima, transport & mobility consultant, tells us about her positive impact​

Let’s meet Salima, one of our imaginative experts who makes the world more resilient, livable, energized and ultimately more sustainable.

Impact a diverse sector

We're seeking imaginative experts with all sorts of skills, experiences and backgrounds to engineer their positive impact in this diverse sector with various projects.

Expertise in demand

  • Civil & structural engineering
  • Coastal & offshore engineering
  • Dredging
  • Electricity
  • Equipment for roads
  • Geology & Hydrogeology
  • Geomatics
  • Geotechnics
  • Hydraulics
  • Hydrology
  • Mechanical
  • Mobility planning and transport management
  • Model simulations and data processing
  • Navigation
  • Road safety engineering & capacity engineering
  • Spatial planning - roads & intersections
  • Traffic engineering & Management
  • Smart and Sustainable Mobility

    Tractebel is pioneering the future in smart and sustainable mobility. We’re seeking imaginative experts to join us on the journey. Together, we can engineer solutions with the new approaches and better answers required to solve the world’s mobility challenges. To innovate towards the carbon-neutral future our planet demands.

    It’s your chance to design and implement future-proof systems that integrate smart city technology, electric vehicles, ICT and hydrogen technology and more. All with experts who are amongst the most trusted in the sector for their engineering acumen and visionary solutions.

    Apply for smart mobility jobs at Tractebel
  • Railway

    Join Tractebel to put our carbon-neutral future on the fast-track with rail. You’ll engineer solutions that unlock the green potential of rail in countries and communities worldwide. Enhancing the quality of everyday life for travellers and commuters with safe and sustainable rail transport.

    By hopping on to a career with Tractebel, you’ll have opportunities to work on rail systems for intercity and suburban transport, freight and more. It’s your chance to put your engineering acumen to work on high-speed rail and urban rapid transport. All whilst accessing the latest in intelligent transport technology, from digital twins and artificial intelligence to blockchain and 5G-powered applications.

  • Bridges & Tunnels

    Join a team of experts who are internationally recognised for designing and managing construction on signature bridges and landmark tunnels around the world. All with sustainability at the core. By our side, it’s your chance to engineer your positive impact.

    Delivering bridges and tunnels is as much art as engineering. We’re seeking imaginative experts who share this belief and can work in multidisciplinary teams in sometimes challenging environments, including seismic zones. From planning and modelling to construction supervision and inspection, our services are in high demand across the full project lifecycle.

  • Roads & Highways

    Tractebel is engineering the roads and highways of the future. A carbon-neutral future with sustainability at the core. Join us on the journey and engineer your positive impact. You’ll work alongside world-class experts applying their ingenuity to reimagine transport infrastructure with an impressive global record of achievement building roads, tunnels and bridges.

    At Tractebel, you’ll engineer with the latest in intelligent transport technology in an innovation culture that relentlessly pursues progress. From BIM and 3D modelling to digital twins, you’ll have access to technology at the vanguard of civil engineering. And with our expertise in demand in countries and communities worldwide, your positive impact can reach global scale.

  • Airports & Transport Hub

    Engineer the gateways to the world with Tractebel. Use your expertise and imagination to turn airports and transport hubs into works of engineering art that accelerate the transition to a carbon-neutral future. Engineer solutions with world-class experts who are amongst the most respected in the sector for both their engineering acumen and knowledge of the latest standards.

    Join a multidisciplinary team with expertise spanning from master planning and modelling to construction management and inspection of the complex buildings and systems associated with modern airports. You’ll work at the vanguard of intelligent transport technology in projects around the world. It’s your chance to engineer your positive impact.

  • Coasts, Ports and Marine facilities

    There’s a wave of sustainable change coming to the world’s coasts, ports and waterways due to climate change. Tractebel is at the vanguard and seeking imaginative experts to engineer solutions with us. You’ll join a team with a record of engineering excellence and an innovation agenda with game-changing potential for the maritime industry.

    From dredging projects, coastal reinforcement and building marine terminals to constructing intermodal transfer facilities and expansion of port capacity, our projects are endlessly diverse and call for multidisciplinary expertise. As demand for our services grows worldwide, you can engineer your positive impact on a truly global scale.

Luca Pizzimbone Testimonial

Tractebel gives me the opportunity to work in international projects, where engineering and research skills can be joined to provide sustainable solutions for developing countries.

Luca Pizzimbone
Power System Engineer, Germany


It's satisfying when we see the results of our work. Having a positive impact on people’s quality of life gives all the meaning to our work

Eileen Spencer
Project engineer Transport Infrastructure, Chile


I am inspired everyday by working with world-class experts in hydropower and I enjoy working with people from different generations who share the passion of evolving toward sustainable and carbon-neutral future.

Pratoomkhuan Saritanon
VP-Water, Thailand


Every day I learn something new from world-class experts in renewable energy. From electrical and mechanical engineers to process experts.

Florian Bertin
Green Fuels Engineer, Belgium

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